SEO Hosting Packages

SEO Hosting, or multiple IP hosting, is a method of spreading your hosting and marketing effort across multiple C class IPs and across multiple geographic locations to improve you search engine placement results in search engines such as Google.

Shared SEO Hosting

What is Shared Hosting? Your account is in the cloud along with the accounts of other customers too. In this way, you collectively "share" the available resources.

Shared SEO Hosting is a cost effective introduction to seo hosting.

10 C Class IP
$6.99 Per IP
40GB SSD Disc Space
400GB Bandwidth
$69.99 / Month
25 C Class IP
$6.25 Per IP
75GB SSD Disc Space
750GB Bandwidth
$156.25 / Month
50 C Class IP
$5.99 Per IP
100GB SSD Disc Space
1000GB Bandwidth
$299.50 / Month
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